Sofa by designs is a family run business manufacturing chesterfield sofa and contemporary sofa in U.K since 25 years. We are the showroom and sales division of the company Chesterfield Couture. The showroom is ideally located in the heart of Manchester between the iconic Beetham Tower and Manchester United. We have now started selling these priceless Cheap Leather sofas and handmade furniture through our online website which displays a well organized catalogue full of these products. The clients will be able to pick and choose according to their desired colour, style and price on the website. We offer Chesterfield sofas, footstools, Leather chairs and contemporary sofas at our showroom.

We are lucky to have a very experienced and dedicated team of craftsmen who have not left us once they joined our workforce way back in the 1980s. These dedicated and artistic carpenters and furniture designers offer you contemporary leather sofa and the traditional chesterfield sofas made of the finest seasoned wood like Beech, Pine and Teak. The leather we use undergoes proper quality checks before they are approved for the manufacturing process. These sofas bear a regal look and at the same time showcase the contemporary styles and shapes. Some of the contemporary sofas may have a slender wooden frame while the traditional ones may have a hefty wooden frame. It all depends on your selection of sofas that you wish for your interior decoration. You can choose between a three seater leather sofa and two seater leather sofa according to the size of room where you would be placing it and the number of people who would be using it.

Our sofas have always been highly priced and out of the reach of the middle class people. Keeping this in our mind, we have decided to sell particular models at cheaper prices which you can avail online and get them delivered at your door step. It’s a golden chance for you to get these priceless sofas at a slashed rate. So if you are looking for cheap leather sofas then look for the latest schemes we offer from time to time. It normally takes 7-10 days in delivering the product within U.K and 21 days for EU nations.

Sofa by Designs is a part of the company named Chesterfield Couture, which has its office in Manchester, U.K. This is basically the showroom and the sales department of this 25 years old company. It has changed its selling tactics by using the internet for its online promotions and sale of products. You can avail a wide range of handmade furniture on the company’s website which can be purchased by placing an order online. We offer the ever green Leather Chesterfield sofas, the contemporary sofas, Leather foot stools, Leather Chairs, Leather Corner Sofas, etc.

Our products are manufactured at our state of art workshop by the most creative and experienced craftsmen in the whole furniture sector. The raw material used for manufacturing these handmade furniture is of the highest standards. Thus the end product is more attractive and durable. We have now started taking the help of the furniture designers who give us unique designs for every piece we create. We have always been selling these Leather Chesterfield sofas and the leather chairs at higher rates, as a result of this many of our admirers have not been able to purchase them. We have now thought of offering some of our products at a discounted rate. If you wish to buy them, then please keep a track of our schemes by visiting our website regularly.

These are all priceless hand furniture which will last forever. They attract people from all walks of life irrespective of their different cultural orientation and country. You can think of buying these for your office and home decoration. A single piece of Leather Chesterfield sofa or a Leather chair can alone transform the ambience of a dull looking living space completely. If you wish to buy our product then place an order online. Visit our website:-